Jensen Ackles in SFX Magazine - November 2014


Jensen Ackles article in SFX Magazine (but first I’d like to thank one of my good friends Jo Wren for posting this, all credit goes to her)

Q: How does it feel to start year ten with Dean as a demon?

J: We’re still getting our bearings and trying to figure out where we’re going to go, but the whole demon Dean storyline is fun and new and interesting and different.

Q: What’s different about this Dean?

J: Everybody’s asked if this will be a darker Dean, but it’s actually the opposite. It’s a lighter Dean. It’s a Dean without having the weight of the world on his shoulders and trying to fight the good fight, protect his brother and do the right thing. This Dean doesn’t give a shit at all. He’s going to have a good time. He’s going to drink as much as he wants and get into fights and hook up with babes. It’s the life Dean wished he could live but he can’t because he’s the good guy.

Q: Would you say the episodes are more comedic in tone?

J: It’s not comedic. It’s a personal choice I made with the character. He’s not funny. He doesn’t care to the point that it’s kind of scary.He’s just flippant about everything even when he hears his brother might be in some serious trouble. He’s like “I don’t care” which to me is scarier than if he was like [growls]


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Jensen Ackles filming a fight scene for 10.07 (09/16/2014) [x]

Jensen Ackles. Actor. Director. Stunt Performer.

Supernatural staged a big Dean Winchester stunt fight in Arch Alley off Victory Square in downtown Vancouver yesterday. Our Dean looks a little demonic in these scenes. Is Deamon back? Or will he always be part of Dean now.

One sequence of the fight takes his opponent up onto the hood of the silver SUV where he smashes through the window.

Another sequence — filmed separately – had him coming out of the smashed glass windshield to continue the fight.

Only in the final take did the stunt double actually smash through the “candy glass” windshield with a loud bang and come out snarling. Jensen Ackles raised his arms in victory and the crew cheered at a job well done. Lights out.


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Sorry I’ve had to bring the deadline forward to 27th Sept because I’m sending this from the UK and I’d like it to arrive in time for the 200th Party if possible. The good news is I’ve been in contact with an awesome member of the crew who will give this book to Jensen personally so he’ll definitely see it at some point.

Winchester Bros are helping with a message book for Jared on behalf of Genevieve, this project is solely to give Jensen/Dean fans a chance to mark the occasion to, not to compete or step on toes, this will be a simple, understated gesture.

All you have to do to be part of the book is write a message to Jensen in appreciation of his time on Supernatural and send it by twitter, tumblr or email. 

Can be as short as a tweet or a page long letter, please include your name with your message unless you want me to use your username.

Tumblr - send to my ask/submit box

Twitter - include #Jensen200 in your tweet.

Email - zstarskey@yahoo.com

I am screen-capping all messages and saving them as I go along to make sure I include everyone.

Thanks to the anon who offered to donate to the cost it’s a lovely gesture but I’m fine, if anyone would like to donate I’d prefer if you sponsored Jensen’s nephew in the Buddy Walk (min donation $5 I think) Team Levi

There’s only a short time so please reblog and let your friends know the new deadline. Had a great response so far, thank you :)